Einar Gerhardsen's First Government

25. June 1945–5. November 1945

Labour Party (A), Farmers’ Party (B), Home Front (Hf), Conservative Party (H), Norwegian Communist Party (NKP) and Liberal Party (V)

Einar Gerhardsen’s First Goverment was appointed by Haakon VII in a session of the Council of State on 23 June 1945, effective as of 25 June 1945 at 12 noon. It succeded Johan Nygaardsvold’s Government, in accordance with political agreements reached during the war years 1940-1945.

Norway's first general elections after the Second World War were held on 8 October 1945. As elections rendered a Labour Party majority in the Storting, Einar Gerhardsen's First Government handed in its resignation in a session of the Council of State on 1 November 1945. Permission to leave was granted by King Haakon VII in the same session of the Council of State, effective as of 5 November 1945 at 12 noon. At the same time, Einar Gerhardsen's Second Government was appointed, effective as of the same point of time.

About the Government

Prime Minister:
Einar Gerhardsen (A)
Parliamentary basis:
Coalition government
Resignation reason:
Change after general elections
Parties in the Government:
Arbeiderpartiet (A), Bondepartiet (B), Hjemmefronten (Hf), Høyre (H), Norges Kommunistiske Parti (NKP) og Venstre (V)