Supervision, control and monitoring

The Gaming Authority was established in 2001 as a supervisory body for the administration and control of private lotteries and state controlled gaming. The Norwegian Parliament’s intention was to strengthen control with the growing gaming and lotteries market in Norway at the turn of the millennium.

The Gaming and Foundation Authority controls and supervises state controlled gaming and private lotteries, and monitors compliance with applicable regulations. In addition, the Authority processes applications for licences from organisations and associations wishing to hold lotteries with turnover above NOK 200 000.

The Gaming and Foundation Authority is also the supervisory body for the Grassroots Share. Moreover, the Authority administers the VAT compensation scheme for voluntary organisations and associations and VAT reimbursement for sports facilities.

One of the Authority’s key tasks is to prevent any negative impact of lotteries and gaming activities offered in Norway, and to maintain safeguards for problem gamblers.  In addition, the Authority is tasked with ensuring that the income from gaming and lotteries is funnelled to good causes.

Gaming addiction

Gaming addiction can be defined as a disorder involving frequent and repeated episodes of gaming dominating a person’s life to the extent that social, professional, material and family relations suffer.

The Government has adopted an action plan against gaming problems for the period 2016 – 2018. The plan includes a number of measures which are intended to promote the following goals:

  • The number of people in Norway that develop problematic gaming behaviour should be low.
  • Increased insight into gaming and gaming-related problems, with this knowledge being disseminated and shared.
  • Early identification and sound treatment for problematic gaming behaviour will reduce problematic gaming.

Population survey

As part of the action plan the Gaming and Foundation Authority will carry out regular population surveys addressing gaming addiction. The last such survey was presented in April 2016. "The scope of gaming and computer gaming problems in Norway 2015" (report from the University of Bergen April 2016)

Do you gamble too much, or do you know somebody who does?

In collaboration with the Gaming and Foundation Authority, the hospital Innlandet HF Sanderud runs a helpline for persons with gaming problems. The helpline’s website

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