The Departement of Administration

The Department of Administration is responsible for joint tasks and coordination within the Ministry of Health and Care Services and contributes to the Ministry working in accordance with key objectives and guidelines for the public administration.

The Department of Administration is responsible for joint tasks within the Ministry. Such tasks include organisational development, operational planning, employment law issues, personnel and payroll issues, coordination of joint matters, ICT and archives.

The Department coordinates tasks in the areas of emergency preparedness, security and international work. Norway has a broad international commitment to health policy, including via international organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Furthermore, a comprehensive cooperation with the European Union (EU) is managed within the framework of the EEA Agreement. 

The Department of Administration is divided into a Section for HR, Section for Finance, Documentation and ICT and a Section for International Cooperation and Emergency Preparedness.

Head of Department: Director General Ole T. Andersen

The department consists of the following sections

  • Section for International Cooperation and Emergency Preparedness

    The Section coordinates the Ministry’s tasks relating to international work, emergency preparedness and security in the healthcare sector.

  • Section for Financial Affairs, Documentation and ICT

    The Section is responsible for the Department’s internal budget and accounting, financial procedures, travel expenses, management of buildings, archive/document processing, coordination of government notes and public consultation cases, ICT operations and strategy, as well as internal security within the Ministry.

  • Section for HR

    The Section manages the payroll and personnel policy within the Ministry. It is responsible for recruitment, local salary determination, employment contracts, state management remuneration contracts, working hours arrangements, co-determination and cooperation with the employee safety service and employee representatives.