The Department of Public Health

The main tasks of the Department of Public Health relate to health promotion and preventive efforts at the population level, as well as health analyses.

The Department has responsibilities relating to, among other things, mental health, environmentally friendly healthcare, infection control and prevention of HIV/AIDS, nutrition, food safety and drinking water, alcohol, drugs and tobacco prevention, measures for increased physical activity and facilitation of age-friendly communities.

Radiation protection and emergency preparedness against nuclear incidents are also part of the Department’s areas of responsibility. For several of these areas, Nordic, European and international cooperation is important.

The Department has responsibilities for several areas of law, including the Alcohol Act, Nuclear Energy Act, Ombud for Older People Act, Public Health Act, Cosmetics Act, Radiation Protection Act, Tobacco Control Act and the Vinmonopolet (retail wine monopoly of Norway) Act.

The department consists of the following sections