The Department of eHealth

The Department of eHealth has the overall responsiblity for digitalization of the healthcare sector. The Department of eHealth has a broad area of responsibility, ranging from establishing and providing good digital services to health professionals and the public, to following up the long term strategy "one patient- one record".

The Norwegian Directorate for eHealth is suborinated to the Departement of eHealth. The Directorate implements the national policy on eHealth, establish the requisite standards, and administrate the use of eHealth methodology nation-wide.

Areas of work:

  • Governance of the Directorate for eHealth (NDE)
  • Governance of Norwegian Health Net (secure infrastructure)
  • National health registries
  • Information security, privacy and HealthCERT
  • ICT standards, coding and terminology
  • Digital services on the national health portal  
  • Digital dialogue between citizens and healthcare professionals
  • Electronic patient's record and Summary care records
  • Patient travel – automatic reimbursements of journeys to and from publicly approved healthcare appointments
  • Telecare and Mobile health technology (mHealth) 
  • E-prescription