The Department of eHealth

The Department of eHealth has the overall responsibility for the coordination of the work on digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Digitalisation is a key tool for improving efficiency and further developing the health and care services and for achieving more efficient use of public resources.

This responsibility includes the development and management of the national framework conditions for establishing good digital solutions for healthcare personnel and citizens, secondary use of health data and digital security.

The Department is responsible for the follow-up of the major efforts relating to eHealth and follow-up of the work on modernisation of the sector’s medical record solutions.

The Department has oversight responsibility for the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth, content management of the Norwegian Health Network and contributes to the governance of the Norwegian Health Archives.

Furthermore, the Department has a key role in coordinating the Ministry’s governance guidelines in the field of eHealth.

The Department’s areas of responsibility:

  • Digital interaction in the healthcare sector
  • Improved medical record solutions
  • Digital services for citizens and healthcare personnel
  • Health data and national health data filing systems
  • Digital security, emergency preparedness and privacy
  • ICT infrastructure and common components
  • Standards, terminology and coding schemes
  • Oversight responsibility for the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth, content management of the Norwegian Health Network and governance of the Norwegian Health Archives.
  • International cooperation in the field of eHealth

Examples of services we work on:

  • Digital citizen services at
  • Digital dialogue between citizens and healthcare personnel
  • Patient access to own medical records
  • Social technology and digital in-home follow-up  
  • E-prescriptions
  • Summary care records
  • HelseCERT (Norwegian HealthCERT)
  • European Health Data Space
  • Helsedataservice (Health Data Service)

The department consists of the following sections

  • Section for eHealth Services

    The Section for eHealth Services is responsible for services in the areas of medical record solutions, health data and digital security and emergency preparedness.

  • Section for Analysis and Governance

    The Section for Analysis and Governance is responsible for financial affairs, oversight of the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth and services in the area of digital interaction.