Department for Sustainability and Transition

The department is responsible for developing policy on climate and environmental knowledge, economic development and the green transition. It is also responsible for tropical forests and multilateral work.

The department consists of the following sections

  • Department Secretariat

    This section is responsible for the Department of Sustainability and Transition's work on the national budget, financial management, grant management, reporting, closing of accounts in connection with the central government accounts and activity planning. The section also contributes to the management of the Norwegian Environment Agency. In addition, the section provides leadership support and coordinates many administrative matters on behalf of the entire department.

  • Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative

    The initiative works on several fronts to help reduce tropical deforestation, including bilateral cooperation with the largest rainforest countries, multilateral efforts, support to civil society organisations and cooperation with the business world to bring about deforestation-free supply chains.

    Deputy Director General Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen

  • Section for Green Transition

    The section coordinates and leads the work on knowledge, research and higher education on behalf of the entire Ministry. It also works on cross-cutting international environmental cooperation, including the Convention on Biological Diversity, the environmental dimension of the Sustainable Development Goals, the OECD and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

    Deputy Director General Cecilie Børnes Utgård

  • Section for Environmental Research, Multilateral Cooperation and Circular Economy

    The section is responsible for research, environmental data and indicators and expertise within the Ministry. In addition, the section coordinates work with the knowledge base for climate and environmental policy. The section is further responsible for cross-cutting, multilateral international environmental cooperation, including the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nature Convention, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the OECD and the environmental dimension of the sustainability goals. The section also has overall responsibility for the ministry's work with circular economy and is the contact point for green public procurement.

    Deputy Director General Ellinor Dalbye Kasahara