Department for Climate Change

The department is responsible for national policy development and international work in the field of climate change. It is also responsible for local air quality, and has overall responsibility for environment and development issues.

The department consists of the following sections

  • Department Secretariat

    The Department Secretariat is responsible for the Department for Climate Change's work on the national budget, financial management, grant management, reporting, closing of accounts in connection with the central government accounts, personnel management and activity planning. The section also contributes to the management of the Norwegian Environment Agency and the maintenance and further development of management work. It also provides leadership support and coordinates many administrative matters on behalf of the Department for Climate Change.

    Assistant Director General Wenche Hokholt Olafsen

  • Section for Climate Policy Analysis

    The section is responsible for coordinating national climate policy, including the development and follow-up of new measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the petroleum and onshore industry sectors. The section is responsible for ensuring compliance with and development of Norway's international commitments under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. It is also responsible for work relating to the EU Emissions Trading System and coordinates work on the EU’s ambitious climate regulations (‘Fit for 55’ package) and dialogue with the EU on joint fulfilment of climate targets for 2030. The section also holds responsibility for the Ministry's work on reporting, including under the Climate Act, and the work on coordinating the knowledge base for the development of climate policy. The section is responsible for the Norwegian CO2 compensation scheme and participates in processes relating to carbon capture and storage (CCS).

    Deputy Director General Anne Gislerud

  • Section for Renewable Energy

    The section is responsible for the department's work in connection with renewable power generation, bioenergy and energy efficiency.It is responsible for work relating to bioenergy in the form of biomass, biofuels and biogas, and the department's work to reduce emissions and increase carbon uptake in forestry and land use, agriculture and construction. Cross-cutting tasks such as climate research and coordination of the department's work in connection with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are also included in its portfolio. In addition, the section is responsible for the market requirements for biofuels, the ban on oil heating and afforestation of new land.

    Deputy Director General Are Lindegaard

  • Section for Transport and Local Environment

    The section works on various measures and instruments to help reduce emissions and contribute to the green transition of the transport sector (road traffic and aviation), including increased use of environmentally friendly means of transport and cleaner vehicles, infrastructure issues, etc. The section is responsible for coordinating Norway’s work on climate adaptation, and has agency management responsibility for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET). It also has overall responsibility for national policies and regulatory developments in the field of local air quality. In addition, the section is responsible for climate work in the municipalities and considers objections under the Planning and Building Act in the areas of climate and local air quality.

    Deputy Director General Anders Andgard

  • Section for Finance and Development

    The section is responsible for work in the field of environment and development. Areas of work include bilateral climate and environmental cooperation with China, India and South Africa, green economy initiatives in developing countries, as well as responsibility for the government programme for purchasing carbon credits and the development of international market mechanisms, climate funding and short-lived climate drivers.

    Deputy Director General Guri Storaas