Department for Organizational Affairs

The department is responsible for staff functions for the political leadership and the Ministry Secretary General, developing and maintaining management systems and adopting overall guidelines for efficient and coordinated management of the Ministry.

The department looks after staff functions for political leadership and Secretary Generals, develops and maintains management systems and sets overall guidelines for effective and coordinated leadership of the Ministry.

The department is responsible for duties relating to security and preparation, budgets and accounts, administration, planning operations, personnel management and development, and organisational development.

IT strategy for both the Ministry and underlying operations.

The department is also responsible for the Ministry’s service centre, internal IT, administrative procedure systems, archives, library and intranet.

The department consists of the following sections

  • Section for Internal Services

    The section is responsible for coordination of security and contingency planning , ICT developments in the Ministry and subordinate agencies, property management, procurement and logistics, libraries and services.

    Deputy Director General Truls Bjørvig

  • HR Section

    The section is responsible for internal strategy development and implementation in the areas of salary, management, knowledge-building, recruitment, working environment, organisational development, follow-up of the wage budget etc., as well as coordination of personnel policy issues for subordinate agencies. The Records Management Unit is responsible for information and document management including providing support to users of the Ministry's online case processing and archiving system Websak.

    Deputy Director General Ben-Sigvald Liknes

  • Section for Finance and Control

    The section is responsible for preparing annual budget documents for the Storting and presenting the central government accounts. It has system responsibility for the management of subordinate agencies and follow-up of financial instructions and regulations, performance, result and risk management, coordination of work on formulation of strategies and targets, activity planning and reporting, internal budget, internal control and coordination of dialogue with the Office of the Auditor General. The section provides advice and guidance to the other departments under the Ministry in these areas.

    Deputy Director General Terje Auestad