The Ministry consist of five departments and a communicaton unit.
  • The Communication Unit

    The Communication Unit is responsible for communication on behalf of the entire Ministry. The unit handles press inquiries to the Ministry and its political leadership, writes draft press releases, speeches and contributions, maintains close contact with the press, is responsible for social media and digital channels, and provides professional advice to the departments and political leadership.

    Head of Communications Jon Berg

  • Department of Sustainability and Transition

    The department is responsible for developing policy on climate and environmental knowledge, economic development and the green transition. It is also responsible for tropical forests and multilateral work.

    Director General Torstein Lindstad

  • Department for Marine Management and Pollution Control

    The department develops strategy and policy aimed at the marine environment, pollution, chemicals and product regulation, waste (including marine litter and microplastics) and environmental considerations in EEA, and trade and investment agreements.

    Director General Hæge Andenæs

  • Department for Climate Change

    The department is responsible for national policy development and international work in the field of climate change. It is also responsible for local air quality, and has overall responsibility for environment and development issues.

    Director General Ingvild Andreassen Sæverud

  • Department for Cultural Environment and Polar Affairs

    The department’s main responsibility is strategy and policy development for protection and sustainable use of cultural monuments, sites and environments, and for the climate and environment in the Polar regions and the High North. Central areas of work are archaeology, built heritage, historic vessels, cultural monuments, sites and environments, cultural landscapes and historic urban environments, cultural environmental preservation, management of the environment on Svalbard and environmental cooperation in the Polar regions and the High North. It is also responsible for international work areas such as World Heritage Sites (UNESCO), the EU/EEA, and the Arctic and Antarctic. The department is assigned management responsibility for the subordinate agencies: the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund, the Norwegian Polar Institute and Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund, and attends to the Ministry's contact with the regional cultural environment authorities.

    Director General Frode Tarjei Selman

  • Department for Nature Management

    The department's main responsibility is to develop policies to safeguard biodiversity on land and in freshwater, and to ensure holistic and sustainable management of nature through use, conservation and recreation. The department is also responsible for the management of predatory animals.

    Director General Lene Lyngby

  • Department for Organizational Affairs

    The department is responsible for staff functions for the political leadership and the Ministry Secretary General, developing and maintaining management systems and adopting overall guidelines for efficient and coordinated management of the Ministry.

    Director General Torgeir Strøm