The section is responsible for coordinating the national climate policy and works with development and implementation of new measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the forestry, agriculture, petroleum and onshore industry sectors, among others areas. The section also has responsibility for the Ministry’s work with national climate research and monitoring.

The section assists in the work with international climate negotiations, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with and development of Norway’s international commitments under the UN’s Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.  In addition, the section participates in international cooperation concerning the climate within the UN, OECD, ICAO, Nordic Council and EU/EEA, among other bodies.

The section is responsible for the work relating to the EU’s climate quota system and the development of new quota trading mechanisms in an international arena, as well as the Norwegian CO2 compensation scheme. The section also participates in national and international processes relating to carbon capture and storage (CCS).