• Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

    The Secretariat is headed by Director Petter Tollefsen.

    Director Petter Tollefsen

  • Secretariat of the Minister of International Development

    The secretariat is headed by Director Sondre Bjotveit.

    Director Sondre Bjotveit

  • Foreign Service Control Unit

    Control Director Margit F. Tveiten

  • Press office

    Head of Communications Tuva Bogsnes

  • Department for European Affairs and International Trade

    The Department for European Affairs and International Trade is responsible for Norway’s relations with the European Union, including matters relating to the EEA Agreement, the Schengen cooperation, justice and home affairs, and cooperation with EU institutions. It is also responsible for: matters relating to global migration; coordination of Norway’s approach in relation to the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy; follow-up of the Government’s Strategy for Cooperation with the EU and of Norway’s European policy; analysis of European policy issues; Nordic cooperation; bilateral relations with all European countries, including the Balkan countries and Turkey; coordination of work relating to the EEA and Norway Grants; and leading the work on Brexit within the Foreign Ministry and in the government administration as a whole.

    Director General Laila Stenseng

  • Department for Security Policy and the High North

    Norwegian security policy interests, both bilateral and in international organisations such as Nato and the OSCE. Norwegian interests in the High North and the Arctic/Antarctic, and Norwegian resource policy interests.

    Director General Knut Hauge

  • Department for Regional Affairs

    The department is responsible for ensuring that Norwegian international development policy is designed to promote the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals and is in keeping with the Norwegian Government’s priorities. It is also responsible for following up Norwegian interests in regions outside Europe and North America and for developing a more coherent Norwegian foreign policy in these regions.

    Director General Vebjørn Dysvik

  • Department for Multilateral Affairs

    The Department for Multilateral Affairs has the systemic responsibility for the UN, the IBRD and the Regional Development Banks as well as a number of UN and international organisations. This includes the implementation of Norway’s policies in the UN and the Development Banks through, among other things, participation in the Governing Boards. The Department also has the responsibility for the implementation of the Government’s policies in the fields of human rights, democracy and gender equality as well as humanitarian affairs. The Department is responsible for the Norwegian campaign for a seat in the Security Council 2021-22.

    Director General Merete Fjeld Brattested

  • Department for Sustainable Development

    The Department for Sustainable Development is responsible for a forward-looking development policy, multilateral development financing, the Ministry’s economic diplomacy work, promoting Norway’s energy interests, and work relating to climate change and the environment. The Department safeguards Norway’s interests in the WTO and the OECD, and works to promote fairer world trade. Economic analysis is an important part of the Department’s work.

    Director General Aslak Brun

  • The Legal Affairs Department

    The Legal Affairs Department provides legal expertise for the Government and the central government administration, and has particular responsibility for coordinating Norway’s positions on matters of international law in international forums.

    Director General Kristian Jervell

  • Department for Cultural Relations and Protocol

    The Department for Cultural relations and Protocol is responsible for promoting Norwegian arts and culture abroad and for the development of cooperation projects in this field. The Department also provides guidance on matters of protocol for the whole government, and is responsible for state and official visits, as well as relations with foreign diplomatic and consular missions in Norway.

    Director General Tone Elisabeth Bækkevold Allers

  • Human and Financial Resources Department

    The Department is responsible for recruiting highly qualified personel to all positions in the Foreign Service, and for providing the conditions for sound financial management throughout the Service.

    Director General Andreas Gaarder

  • Services Department

    The Services Department is responsible for ensuring that the Ministry provides a range of professional services, including in the area of consular affairs. It seeks to ensure a high level of security and preparedness in the event of crises and disasters. It is responsible for ensuring that employees at the missions abroad and in the Ministry in Oslo have the physical working conditions and the equipment they need for carrying out their tasks.

    Director General Harriet Berg