Department for Protocol, Cultural Relations and Consular Affairs

Department for Protocol, Cultural Relations and Consular Affairs is responsible for promoting Norwegian arts and culture abroad and for the development of cooperation projects in this field. The Department also provides guidance on matters of protocol for the whole government, and is responsible for state and official visits, as well as relations with foreign diplomatic and consular missions in Norway.

The department consists of the following sections

  • Section for Immigration Affairs and Administrative Assistance

    The section is responsible for the administration of the Foreign Missions’ work in the Immigration field, as well as the organizational and strategic development of Immigration Affairs within the Foreign Service.

  • Section for Diplomatic Relations

    Matters relating to the Norwegian Royal Family and their relations with foreign heads of state and royal families. Diplomatic and consular missions of foreign states in Norway and their personnel, relations with the Norwegian authorities, privileges, immunities, etc. The Diplomatic List. Matters relating to the Norwegian flag. National emblems and heraldic matters. Preparation of powers of attorney and ratification documents, letters of accreditation and recall. Issue of Norwegian diplomatic, special and service passports and visa applications for Foreign Ministry employees on official visits. Letters of recommendation. Legal and general protocol issues.

  • Section for Official Visits

  • Section for Culture and Creative Businesses

  • Norway International Press Centre - NIPS

    Norway International Press Centre (NIPS) is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs service centre for foreign correspondents in Norway.

  • Section for Consular Affairs

  • Foreign Service Response Centre