Section for Diplomatic Relations

Matters relating to the Norwegian Royal Family and their relations with foreign heads of state and royal families. Diplomatic and consular missions of foreign states in Norway and their personnel, relations with the Norwegian authorities, privileges, immunities, etc. The Diplomatic List. Matters relating to the Norwegian flag. National emblems and heraldic matters. Preparation of powers of attorney and ratification documents, letters of accreditation and recall. Issue of Norwegian diplomatic, special and service passports and visa applications for Foreign Ministry employees on official visits. Letters of recommendation. Legal and general protocol issues.

The section is headed by Director Odd Mølster.

Contact information Section for Diplomatic Relations 




Mr Odd Mølster  Director

  • Head of Section for Diplomatic Relations

23 95 03 32 

Mr Arthur Baste Knutsen 
Deputy Director

  • Deputy Head of Section for Diplomatic Relations
  • Matters related to the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations
  • The Norwegian flag, flag  etiquette and protocol

23 95 03 33


Mr Lars Løberg  Director/Herold of Arms

  • The Norwegian Coat of Arms
  • The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit

  • Matters related to the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations
  • General protocol matters

23 95 07 53    

Ms Unn Merete G. Zervou 
Senior Adviser


  • Diplomatic personnel, administrative/technical personnel and family members
  • Arrivals/departures. ID cards and Residence Card Foreign Missions for dipl/adm/tech staff
  • Admission cards to Oslo Airport
  • Order of precedence

23 95 03 29 unn.merete.gundersen.zervou (at)mfa(dot)no


Ms Tonje Røed  Senior Adviser


  • Agrément, preparations for receiving credentials of foreign ambassadors
  • Honorary consuls in Norway. Exequatur
  • List of consular representatives in Norway

23 95 06 04    


Ms Anne Irene Kvernmo 
Senior Adviser

  • Non-diplomatic staff: Service staff, locally employed staff and private servants
  • Arrivals/departures, Residence Card Foreign Missions and ID cards for non-diplomatic staff
  • Approval of Defence Attachés
  • The Oslo Diplomatic List
  • Emergency contact information

23 95 06 87

Mr Martin Bjørndal
Senior Adviser

  • Embassy protection
  • Demonstrations outside the Embassies
  • Police assistance for events and receptions
  • Approval of elections on premises
  • Owned and rented Embassy property
 23 95 07 54

Mr Geir Krave  Adviser

  • Official Norwegian passports


23 95 03 69       

Ms Elin Røvik Vnucec

  • Duty-free import, refund of VAT
  • Import/sale of motor vehicles. CD plates
  • Traffic violations
  • Parking spaces reserved for missions and parking fees
  • Duty-free alcohol at arrangements outside Embassy premises
  • Petrol credit cards

23 95 03 55  


Mr Halvard Estensen


  • Visa applications for Norwegian officials

23 95 14 05

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