Norway International Press Centre - NIPS

Norway International Press Centre (NIPS) is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs service centre for foreign correspondents in Norway.

The press centre has a central location at Klingenberggt. 5, Oslo

The centre offers offices for rental as well as an open-plan office, all of which are equipped with broadband, wireless internet and other technical facilities. There are also workplaces for journalists visiting Norway from other countries. A wide range of Norwegian and foreign daily newspapers and periodicals are provided.  Use of the press centre is free of charge for visiting journalists.

The press centre is used by around 10-12 journalists a day, some of whom are regular correspondents for bureaus, while others work freelance. It is used by journalists/photo journalists for the printed media as well as for radio and TV.

Foreign journalists have formed the Foreign Press Association (FPA), which currently has around 80 members, most of whom are in the Oslo area. It is headed by Grégory Tervel, e-mail:

It has two fully equipped meeting rooms for 8 people  which may be combined into one larger room. Regular breakfast and lunch meetings are arranged here, to which members of the Government, various politicians and other public figures are invited. These facilities are also used by the Ministry.

Members of FPA

Norway International Press Centre
Klingenberggt. 5, 5 etg., 0161 Oslo
Telephone: +47  22 83 06 90 or
Pierre-Henry Deshayes, tel: +47 22 83 29 22

Opening hours:
Weekdays 09:00–17:00

Contact FPA:
Web site:

Grégory Tervel
Telefon: 94 48 89 47