Export control

Under Norway’s export control system, a range of products, technology and services may only be exported from Norway if the exporter has obtained an export licence from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. See the categories below to learn more about the export control legislation, the types of products, technology and services that require an export licence, and sanctions and restrictive measures.


What is Norway's export control system?

Read more about legislation, lists of controlled items and ‘catch-all’ clauses.


Information for exporters

Read more about the responsibilities of exporters.


Sanctions and restrictive measures

Read more about sanctions and restrictive measures, and about exports to Russia and Iran.

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Defence-related exports from Norway in 2017

In 2017, Norway exported arms and military equipment worth around NOK 5.4 billion, up from NOK 3.6 billion in 2016. Exports of arms and ammunition accounted for just under NOK 4.7 billion, and other defence-related products for around NOK 680 million. The total value of exports of defence-related services, repairs, production rights and brokering services was NOK 520 million.

Suspension of export licences to the UAE

On the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the situation in Yemen and the increasing risks associated with the United Arab Emirates’ military engagement in the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided on 19 December 2017 to suspend licences that have already been issued for the export of Category A defence-related products to the United Arab Emirates.


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