Section for the Management of Species

The section is responsible for the management of native species including large predators and other wild animals including deer, elk, reindeer, arctic fox and seabirds. Other areas of responsibility include cultural landscapes (priority species, selected natural habitats and protected areas), invasive organisms and genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  • Management of predatory animals.
  • Management of wild animals, including the management of wild deer, wild reindeer, arctic foxes and sea birds (management of the latter is also dealt with by the Department for Sea and Pollution control).
  • Work with the knowledge platform for predatory animals and other wild species.
  • Developing strategies related to predatory animals and other wild species. Following up with predatory animal centres and wild reindeer centres.
  • Coordinating work with prioritised species.
  • Handling questions relating to Sami that do not belong to a specific area of results.
  • The Bern Convention.
  • The Bonn Convention.
  • Legislation: The Norwegian Wildlife Act and the Norwegian Nature Diversity Act.