First Minister in Christiania (Oslo)

1814 - 1873

Between 1814 and 1873 Norway’s Prime Minister was permanently based at the Norwegian Council of State Division in Stockholm, as this was where the King of the two states resided.In the Prime Minister’s absence from Christiania (Oslo) - and second to the Governor-General - the Norwegian Government was led by its senior member with the title of First Minister.

The title of First Minister became formalised in 1861. When the office of Governor-General in Norway in 1873 was replaced by a new office of Prime Minister, the office of First Minister was abolished. Norway's Prime Minister was from now based in Christiania, and the Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm ranked second to him.

The system with a Norwegian Prime Minister and a Council of State Division in Stockholm ceased to exist when the union between Sweden and Norway was dissolved in 1905.


19 May 1814 - 21 July 1873

1814          : Frederik Haxthausen
1814-1815: Marcus Rosenkrantz
1815-1822: Mathias Sommerhielm
1822-1836: Jonas Collett
1836-1855: Nicolai Krog
1855-1858: Jørgen Vogt
1858-1861: Hans Christian Petersen
1861         : Erik Røring Møinichen (acting)
1861-1873: Frederik Stang (appointed)