Statssekretær Tone Skogens tale ved Veteranplassen i Narvik 28. mai 2020

Gjenerobringen av Narvik 28. mai 1940 er en av de største begivenhetene i Norges okkupasjonshistorie. På denne dagen hedres veteranene som deltok i kampene i frontavsnittet rundt Narvik våren 1940. På grunn av korona-pandemien vil årets markering i Narvik begrenses til utvalgte programposter. For å begrense faren for smittespredning vil antall gjester være i henhold til helsemyndighetenes føringer for smittevern. Statssekretær Tone Skogen i Forsvarsdepartementet  representerte regjeringen under markeringen og holdt dette innlegget.


Dear friends.


The recapture of Narvik began here.

Soldiers of the French Foreign Legion and the Norwegian second battalion of the 15. Infantry regiment landed here.

Supported by the Royal Navy, they fought their way up the hillside, against a strong, prepared German defence.

The operation culminated in the recapture of Narvik on this day, 80 years ago.


The Battle of Narvik lasted from April 9th until June 7th.

British, French, Polish and Norwegian units fought in terrible weather, in the roughest terrain imaginable, against a well-prepared and well-trained adversary.

There were great successes, as well as great losses.


The Battle of Narvik has different significance for the nations involved.

However, for us, it showed that Norwegian soldiers could take up the fight.

Moreover, it taught us that to defend our democracy and our freedom, we need good, solid allies.

Allies such as Great Britain, France and Poland.

Today, we stand together in NATO.

We share values of human rights, a rules-based world order and democracy.


Many see the Battle of Narvik as Hitler’s first defeat.

At the very least, it demonstrated that when fighting together, the Nazi forces of the Wehrmacht and Kriegsmarine could be overcome.

For Norway, the Battle of Narvik is one of the most significant events of the Second World War.

The near defeat of the German forces made the subsequent capitulation even more bitter.


Today, we are gathered here to commemorate the sacrifice of our soldiers, as well as the efforts and sufferings of the civilians who were impacted by the consequences of war.

Here in Narvik, but also throughout the Second World War.

We owe them a great debt of gratitude.

For their willingness to give the greatest sacrifice, in the fight for freedom, democracy and human dignity.


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