The EU proposes climate targets for Norway

Dette innholdet er mer enn 4 år gammelt. Informasjonen kan derfor være utdatert.

The European Commission has proposed a preliminary 2030 emissions reduction target for Norway. Efforts are shared among European countries and Norway’s target for reductions in sectors outside the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) is a reduction of 40% by 2030, over 2005 levels. Final target figures are subject to further calculations by the Commission.

Non-ETS sectors include agriculture, waste, transport and buildings. Norway is already fully part of ETS, which covers sectors such as industry, aviation, power and petroleum.

– I am pleased that Norway is included in the EUs climate efforts, confirming that we will fulfill our obligations jointly. It is crucial, particularly for the green shift in Norwegian business, that we have a predictable climate framework, like that of our closest trade partners in Europe. The target of 40% reductions was expected and will mean a significant acceleration in Norwegian climate policy. Particularly the areas of transport and agriculture will see large changes in the coming years. These ambitious goals will affect our whole society. It means a higher tempo in the transition to the low-emission society, a green tax shift and other policy instruments, says the Climae and Energy Minister Vidar Helgesn.

What’s new, he adds, is that Norway’s climate goal is now much more binding than previously, with emissions budgets, annual reporting and five-year reviews.

 – Norway will fulfill its climate target through a mix of efforts at home and cuts in other European countries, but we must be prepared to take the majority of cuts at home.

A target cut of 40% in the non-ETS sector is the highest a country can be given. The target is based on Norway’s high GDP relative to other European countries. Luxembourg and Sweden have also been given reduction targets of 40%.

The government will issues more specific information on how the target will be followed up at a later date. The government has developed a proposal for a climate strategy in the new National Transport Plan, where the transportation agencies and the Norwegian Environmental Agency outline large potential emissions reductions in the transport sector.