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Norwegian Defence 2004 - Chapter 14

Non-governmental organisations

The following are some of the many non-governmental organisations concerned with defence matters. These organisations will be pleased to respond directly to any questions. Contact addresses are given in the "Addresses" section of this booklet.

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee (NAC)
was established in 1955. Its objective is to promote wider understanding of Norwegian foreign, security and defence policy with emphasis on North Atlantic co-operation. NAC arranges meetings, seminars and regional courses on security policy and related matters, study tours and occasional larger conferences. NAC also produces a range of publications

The Norwegian Association of UN Veterans
was founded on 16 November 1960 as The Norwegian UN Military Officers' Association. The Association's aim is to maintain ties among the members and to look after the interests of those who have served in UN and NATO peace-keeping operations - rank and file as well as officers and NCOs. Local branches of the Association have been established and cover the whole country. The Association publishes the magazine, "Den Blå Beret, Sjekkposten" (The Blue Beret, Checkpoint), quarterly.

People and Defence
was founded on February 26, 1951 and its membership consists of 75 large nation-wide professional, cultural, humanitarian, and youth organisations. Through conferences, courses, seminars, visits to schools, lectures, study tours, etc. the organisation spreads information about Norway's Total Defence concept and about our foreign and security policy as established by the Storting. The organisation publishes the magazine "Folk og Forsvar" and, at intervals, produces pamphlets/books on relevant topics/issues.

The Norwegian Women's Voluntary Defence Association
was founded in 1951 and is an organisation for nation-wide co-operation between professional, cultural and humanitarian organisations with a large number of women members. The Association's objectives are to disseminate information about the country's Total Defence, to work to strengthen the potential of the civil community to meet crisis situations in peace and war, to seek to enhance and coordinate the preparedness of member organisations, and to promote co-operation between the voluntary organisations and the emergency planning authorities.

The Norwegian Defence Association (NDA)
was founded in 1886, adopting as its motto "The question of defence is a question of peace". Through its provision of information, the NDA seeks to increase awareness of defence and security policy and to foster a better understanding and appreciation of Norway's overall defence concept. This is achieved through contact with political authorities, information in the media, meetings, lectures, seminars etc. The association publishes the magazine "Norges Forsvar" 10 times a year, with an annual issue in English, together with a quarterly newsletter for members. The NDA also issues a variety of brochures and other publications.

The Norwegian Women's Defence League (NLF)
was founded in 1928 and is a politically neutral organisation based on voluntary efforts. Under the motto "For home and country", NLF works to strengthen the nation's will to defend itself and to train women for participation in defence-related activities in peacetime as well as in time of war. Any Norwegian woman over 16 years of age who is in sympathy with these aims may become a member ("lotte") after completing basic training. NLF publishes a membership magazine "Lottebladet" with six issues a year.

The Norwegian Reserve Officers' Federation (NROF)
was founded in 1896 and is a free-standing organisation for officers of all three services and the Home Guard but is now oriented particularly towards reserve officers. The NROF's objective is to strengthen Norway's Total Defence, and to promote public awareness of the importance of defence, by strengthening the position of reserve officers in the community, improving reserve officers' military qualifications, protecting their interests during service, and by promoting international co-operation between reserve officers. The Association publishes the magazine "Pro Patria / Vårt Vern" in association with the Union of Academy Trained Officers

The National Rifle Association of Norway
was established in 1893 with the objective of fostering practical shooting skills among the Norwegian people in case such skills should be needed in the cause of national defence. The shooting clubs maintain close relations with the military, especially the Home Guard. The shooting clubs make their ranges available to Armed Forces personnel for instruction and practice and the Armed Forces in turn provide support for club events

Oslo Military Society
was founded under the name Christiania Military Society on 1 March 1825. The aims of the Society were to promote a deeper interest in all aspects of defence and the military sciences through lectures, discussions and the publication of the Norwegian Military Journal, and to foster comradeship between officers of all service branches though congenial social gatherings.
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