Taler og innlegg

Lansering av Women Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Utenriksminister Anniken Huitfeldts åpningsinnlegg ved lanseringen av Women Peace and Humanitarian Fund.

  • First, let me extend a warm welcome to everyone attending this global digital launch. I would like to thank our co-hosts, and particularly the Women Peace and Humanitarian Fund for establishing this window.
  • Last fall, 373 feminist organizations from 88 countries called on Member States and the UN. They wanted to do more to protect and support women peace builders and human rights defenders. They asked for practical resources for those at grave risk.
  • Today, we join together to discuss prevention and response strategies. As well as expanding available resources. Norway has decided to seed fund this important program. And we encourage others to join!
  • When women participate – peace and security improves.
  • But women’s participation comes at a high price.
  • And no price is higher than for women peace builders and human rights defenders.
  • Therefore, we must improve protection measures for women who participate.
  • And that is what this program is all about. Effective relief for women that are risking it all for their families, their communities and their countries.
  • Whether in the form of health services, short term housing, reallocation or livelihood support.
  • Security first is a flawed idea. If security and peace is the aim, women’s participation is a fundamental part of the way.
  • It is about giving us all a peace that matters, that includes and lasts.
  • Therefore, as President of the Security Council, Norway will host an open debate on protecting women’s participation later today. Focus will be on finding ways to address targeted violence against women in peace and security processes.
  • Our hope is that we will be able to better protect participation.
  • Thank you all very much.