A safe landing

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Your Majesties,


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On February 15th, the first Norwegian Dreamliner from London landed at Ministro Pistarini international airport in Buenos Aires. A Norwegian adventure in Argentina has officially begun! This establishment will strengthen the already strong links between Norway and Argentina and I am glad to be present her at this historic event.

First, I will therefore congratulate Norwegian and Norwegian Air Argentina, with this exciting entry into the Argentinian market. It is courageous to enter an unknown territory far from home. I hope this will inspire other Norwegian companies seeking new business opportunities abroad. 

Being the Norwegian minister of tourism, I am proud that we have companies willing to take risks as Norwegian has done here in Argentina. Expanding into a foreign market can benefit both domestic and the foreign economy. In addition, it can stimulate to value creation both at home and abroad.

Argentina and Norway are two very different countries, far away from each other. Both countries however offer spectacular natural surroundings and a cultural heritage that is attracting international attention. That is why tourism is big, both in Norway and in Argentina.

Moreover, the tourism industry is growing. The world is getting smaller!

Easy access at an affordable price is a key factor for tourism to grow. The fact that a Norwegian company now decides to enter the Argentinian market is with any luck a sign that the already strong ties between our two countries will strengthen.

Norwegian tourism industry has shown a number of good results in recent years. It has become more cooperative, more productive, and it has created new high-quality products, competitively priced. Tourism operators and other industry participants have shown many examples of its commitment to providing good solutions. Norwegian [Air Argentina] is thus a great example of this.

Every Norwegian [Air] plane has a hero painted on its tail. On this plane, Astor Piazolla, the famous Argentinian tango musician, is the chosen one. It is no overstatement to say that Astor Piazolla is the single most important figure in the history of tango. He was a towering giant whose shadow looms large over everything that preceded and followed him. 

I am quite sure that Norwegian's choice to put Piazolla on the tale is not random. It remains to see whether Norwegian becomes a "towering giant" in the Argentinian travelling market. In the meantime, Piazolla can serve as an inspiration. With any luck, the symbol effect of his face on the tale will inspire more people to choose Norwegian when travelling to Argentina.

Going forward I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to follow your journey here in Argentina.

Arm slides, cross check and take your seats – the Norwegian adventure in Argentina has only just begun.  

Thank you for your attention.

Til toppen