Uttalelse fra de nordisk-baltiske utenriksministrene

Dette innholdet er mer enn 2 år gammelt.

Joint Statement of Nordic-Baltic Foreign Ministers

The NB8 condemn in the strongest terms possible the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. We are outraged by indiscriminate attacks on civilians in this unlawful and immoral war.

We are struck with a profound sense of injustice and a profound sympathy with the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their country, their cities, their homes, their families, their lives.

Russia’s aggression and brutal armed attack is in clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. These actions gravely violate international law, including the principles of the UN charter.

The devastating consequences of this aggression – not only for Europe, but globally – cannot be overstated. Russian aggression against Ukraine could have global and long-term negative consequences for the existing rules-based international order. Russia bears full responsibility for this military aggression and all the destruction and loss of life it has caused.

Nordic-Baltic countries have been delivering financial, humanitarian and military assistance to the people of Ukraine. Every country should look at how to support Ukraine further.

We strongly demand Russia to stop this senseless war. We call for immediate cease-fire. We urge Russia to withdraw all its forces from Ukraine without preconditions. We also condemn the involvement of Belarus in the aggression against Ukraine and call on it to refrain from such action and to abide by international law.

Russia must respect international humanitarian law. Civilians must be protected. We must make sure that every civilian death, every war crime, will be recorded and we will ensure that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are held accountable and brought to justice. The aggressors will be held to account.