Business and industry in Norway - About Norwegian trade and industry

The Norwegian welfare state is based on a profitable business sector trading with other countries. This publication presents a brief overview of Norwegian industry. We will also touch on the driving forces and trends that have created our current trade and industrial structure.

There are several ways to describe Norwegian industry. We have chosen to divide the industrial sector into four groups according to the framework conditions that affect each group.

Raw-material-based industries
are characterised by the fact that natural materials form the basis of their activities.

Technology-based industries
are characterised by the fact that their output is based on advanced technology and expertise.

Service industries
include a wide range from travel, wholesale and retail trading and transport companies to business-services companies.

The information and communications industry
covers everything from media and multimedia to information and communication technology.

An industry that is discussed in one part of the presentation may have similar characteristics with industries discussed in another part. The lists of companies presented in connection with the description of different groups of industries provide a selection and are not exhaustive.

We describe the industries that have traditionally been a part of our business sector. However, the primary industries and the transport- and financial sectors have not been described separately. The private, social, cultural or public services have not been described either.

This information is based on official statistics compiled by Statistics Norway (1998 industrial statistics, national accounts figures) and some more recent figures supplied by the sectors themselves.

The text has been prepared by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

About Norwegian trade and industry

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