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Norway’s participation in the EU framework programmes for research and innovation

An impact assessment of participation in FP7 and H2020

The Ministry of Education and Research (MER) has commissioned Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse AS and Technopolis Group to conduct an impact evaluation of Norway’s participation in the EU’s framework pro-grammes for research and innovation (FPs).

The report summarises our analysis of how Norwegian participation in the seventh and eighth framework programmes (FP7 and H2020) contributes to attaining the objectives of the government’s strategy for re-search and innovation cooperation with the EU and a cost-benefit analysis of Norwegian participation in FP7 and H2020 to date and of participation in the ninth framework programme (Horizon Europe).

The analysis was carried out throughout 2019 by a team consisting of Maja Tofteng, Emil Cappelen Bjøru, Karin Ibenholt and Rolf Røtnes from Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse AS and Tomas Åström, Markus Lindström, Neil Brown, Carolina Spaini, Viola Peter, Amanda Bengtsson Jallow, Marie Uhrwing and Erik Arnold from Technopolis Group.

The team gratefully acknowledges support from a range of stakeholders who have helpfully assisted with the study. These include representatives of the Ministry of Education and Research, members of an Advi-sory Committee, 39 interviewees and 781 survey respondents, as well as Elisabeth Wiker and Kari-Anne Kristensen of the Research Council of Norway (RCN), who assisted with eCorda and RCN data.