Stop Human Trafficking

The Government has presented a new plan of action against trafficking in human beings. The plan contains stronger and updated measures that will be implemented from 2006 – 2009.

Stop Human Trafficking

Trafficking in human beings entails serious abuse of human dignity. We will not sit still and allow increasingly widespread trafficking, especially trafficking in women and children, to develop into a modern slave trade. The Government has presented a new plan of action that contains stronger and updated measures.

Knut Storberget, Norwegian Minister of Justice

The Government’s overarching goal is to combat all forms of human trafficking, nationally and internationally, through measures that will:

  • limit recruitment and demand
  • ensure appropriate assistance and protection for victims
  • ensure that child victims of human trafficking receive appropriate follow-up services
  • ensure a greater degree of exposure and prosecution of human traffickers
  • ensure more knowledge and stronger inter-disciplinary cooperation
  • strengthen the international framework and international cooperation.

The plan contains 37 measures, several of which are aimed at continuing and strengthening the work that has already been initiated, while sixteen of the measures are new.

Stop Human Trafficking (pdf: 3 Mb)
The Norwegian Government’s Plan of Action to Combat Human Trafficking [2006–2009] was presented in December 2007.