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Åpning Jotun-fabrikk i Rio de Janeiro

Historisk arkiv

Publisert under: Regjeringen Solberg

Utgiver: Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet

Ved Monica Mæland, 17.november 2015

Your Royal Highness,


Ladies and gentlemen!

Good afternoon!


The history of Brazil and Norway has developed from trade in bacalao and coffee 175 years ago, to the technology-driven relationship we see today.

We are now writing a new chapter in the long and prosperous history of Norwegian-Brazilian relations.

I am glad to represent the Norwegian government and witness the expansion of Jotun's operations in Brazil.

Jotun is much more than an ordinary global company:

Not only have its achievements been driven by:

  • International presence
  • A strong position at home
  • And a long term ownership and company strategy;

But an important driver has also been Jotun´s unique corporate culture.

I believe the four words known as “the penguin spirit” – loyalty, care, respect and boldness – can act as inspiration for more people than only the employees at Jotun.

In Jotun, you are committed to excellence in research, development and production of quality products. At the same time, Jotun also put emphasis on respecting local culture and showing social responsibility. That is of essential importance.


I am convinced that this establishment will have many positive effects:

  • It will create new jobs and possibilities for local suppliers,
  • The production at this facility will be in accordance to Jotun's international quality standards,
  • Finally, this establishment is an example of a long-term Norwegian investment in Brazil.

Norwegian companies have made large investments in Brazil, in a variety of sectors, such as oil and gas, maritime, aluminum, fertilizers, biofuel and renewable energy.

This tells us that Norwegian companies are well established in the Brazilian market, that they are taking a long-term view, and that they have faith in Brazil’s future.

Let me assure you that Norwegian government is also in for the long-term commitment in developing closer commercial relations with Brazil.

On behalf of the Norwegian government, I wish you the best of luck in your future enterprises!

Thank you!


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