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Palestinian Minister met representatives of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Utgiver: Utenriksdepartementet

The Palestinian Minister for Refugee issues, Mr. Atef Ibrahim Adwan, met representatives of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo on 13 May.

The Head of the Ministry’s Section for Middle Eastern Affairs, Deputy Director General Kåre Eltervåg, presented the following Norwegian message to the Minister:

• Norway respects the outcome of the democratic elections in the Palestinian territory.

• But we want to reiterate that the newly elected Palestinian Government must take steps to comply with the demands put forward by the Quartet (UN, USA, EU and Russia) to renounce violence, recognise the state of Israel and accept previously concluded agreements.

• These demands are all based on principles shared by the members of the international community. The demands reflect basic norms in relations between states and democratic governments.

• Norway has made it clear that a continuation of the development cooperation with the new Palestinian Government is contingent on these conditions being fulfilled.

• The international community has clearly stated that the door is open for cooperation and direct economic support to the Palestinian government if it complies with the three demands.

• We realise that it takes time to change attitudes. But, the Palestinian government must take clear steps in the right direction.

• So far Hamas has not lived up to our expectations. The use of terror can under no circumstances be defended or excused. In this connection we reject the Palestinian Government’s statements after the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv 17 April.

• We also expect Israel to respect previously concluded agreements, key UN resolutions and demands from the international community. Israel must stop annexing Palestinian land, cease illegal settlement activities and stop work on the separation wall, which is in violation of international law. These demands have also been put forward by the Quartet.