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Greeting - Intsok lunch

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Utgiver: Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet

Næringsministerens hilsen, Stavanger

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends.


First of all I would like to thank our host, INTSOK, for organizing this lunch – and managing director Sjur Eigil Bratland for his kind introduction.


I would also like to welcome all of our international guests.[1]


I know that some of you have spent the last few days exploring the western part of Norway. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend!


It is said that the people from the west of Norway are particularly internationally oriented.


 The westerner, some say, stand with his back against the inland mountains, gazing at the sea – ready to embrace the rest of the world.


I am glad to see such a truly international group of people gathered here.


To all of the international delegates:

It is a great pleasure to address you here in Stavanger.




According to the legendary oilman J. Paul Getty, the formula for success could be described as follows:  Rise earlywork hard and strike oil.


And on the 23rd of December 1969, we got the first news that oil had been extracted from the Norwegian continental shelf.

To make a long story short:

Since then, oil and gas have been a blessing to the Norwegian economy.


And today, the petroleum activity is Norway’s largest industry – measured in value creation, state revenues and export value.


But as much as our natural resources have been a blessing, one other thing has been just as important:


Namely international trade and cross border interaction.


In fact, technology and expertise from the US and England were essential when we first established oil production in Norway.


Conquering storms, waves and underwater currents in the North Sea would never have been possible without the expertise of other countries. 




Until today, Norway has continued to develop our offshore industry, while exchanging expertise and ideas with other countries.


Along the way, Norwegian companies have developed cutting edge expertise in a range of specialized areas.  


The last decade, the Norwegian oil and gas industry has been on a particularly rapid journey of change.


Hundreds of small and large Norwegian companies have expanded from the home market to the global markets.


The international expansion has been faster and more successful than anyone could anticipate!


With our long experience from the entire oil and gas value chain, we can offer skills and expertise from exploration and development to operation and maintenance.


And we are able to handle challenging operations in both a secure and environmentally friendly way.


We also have the world´s second largest and probably the most advanced offshore fleet.


Half of our offshore vessels operate internationally. And we find important maritime markets from Brazil to Asia, from the Mexican gulf to Western Africa.



As Minister of Trade and Industry I feel proud that we have built such a successful and specialized industry in Norway.


Just like other nations contributed to the development of our own offshore industry, today we are the ones who stand prepared to offer our most advanced expertise to others.


In Stavanger this week, we stand firm in our traditions of international cooperation.



And I hope that Norwegian companies now can contribute to bring the offshore and maritime industry forward – always offering the best solutions for a more sustainable future.


Now, I hope you will all enjoy your lunch here.


And I wish you all successful days here in Stavanger.


Thank you for your attention.



[1] Abu Dhabi, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the US.

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