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Estremar – åpning av nytt salgskontor

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure being here today at this event. Visiting successful Norwegian companies is one of the grateful missions I make as the Norwegian Minister for Trade and Industry. Today I am on such a mission!


Nearly 6 weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Norway appointed me the new Minister for Trade and Industry in Norway. Getting the overall responsibility for creating values I cannot think of a more important and exciting position to take on. To succeed in creating values and securing a sustainable welfare society, international trade is an important factor.

My concern is that Norwegian companies – whether located in Norway or abroad - aim for a sustainable operation and exploitation of national resources. Estremar is a good representative in this regard. Even though the company operates far away from the Norwegian market, Estremar's business contributes to value creation in Norway and in Argentina.

The opening of a new sales office here today is an event that can contribute to even more values both here and in Norway. This is of course crucial to Norway as an open and export-oriented economy.



Norwegian companies are international and seek out globally.  This is one of the reasons why we are gathered here today. Both Norway and Argentina have a long coastline and we both have good access to great oceans. Common interests and challenges in relation to the marine and the maritime sector is thus a great starting point for further cooperation.


One of my reasons for visiting Argentina is to discuss how we can increase the cooperation between our two countries, both politically and economically.


Given the recent policy changes, I think there is great potential for more Norwegian investments in Argentina. Furthermore, it is positive that Mercosur and EFTA have started negotiations for a free trade agreement. We enter into trade agreements and bind ourselves to common sets of rules because all parties benefit from doing so. This can lead to increased trade and investments.


Being here today, I hope you all see Estremar’s image as a leading and responsible industry player, successfully merging Norwegian and Argentine values. I strongly believe that only sustainable operations can ensure future development. I hope the new sales office here in Buenos Aires means even more quality products to sell into premium markets.


Going forward I wish you the best of luck!

Til toppen