Address at Norwegian, Swedish and Kenyan business forum

Minister of International Development, Anne Beathe Tvinnereim's address at a seminar for increased Nordic-Kenyan business cooperation.

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Your Royal Highnesses, ministers, dear all,

I am excited to see so many innovative companies from Kenyan, Norwegian, Swedish business communities here today. You represent the technology, insight and ambition we all need.

We urgently need the green transition: We have to cut emissions and adapt to climate change. At the same time, we must secure enough food for all, clean energy and more jobs.

The private sector is key to solve these challenges. I believe Nordic and Kenyan companies already show excellent partnership in many areas. But there is room to take our cooperation even further.

Norway is particularly well-positioned to contribute to the green transition on renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and food production, environmental technology, and digital solutions.

Energy is the key to mitigating and adapting to climate change, and for developing future industries and employment. As an advanced producer of renewable energy, Norway has solutions that can make Kenya greener, while at the same time contributing to its energy security.

Norwegian agri-tech solutions can take us closer to the sustainable and climate-robust agriculture that we need today and in the future.

Responsible business conduct is crucial to sustainable partnerships. Norwegian law obliges our companies to ensure that human rights and decent working conditions are upheld throughout their supply chains.

Increased Nordic-Kenyan business cooperation can strengthen our economies, create jobs, and build sustainable communities. When we partner up to invest in green technologies and sustainable value chains, we are at the same time contributing to our shared goal of solving global challenges and improving prosperity for all.

I admire the Kenyan business environment, which is known for being highly dynamic and innovative. I look forward to expanding our cooperation.

Thank you.