Innlegg under Pre-Awards Evening Reception Fish & Chip Awards 2024

                                                                                          *Sjekkes mot fremføring

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear seafood friends,

It is a great pleasure to be here.

First, thank you to tonight’s host, the honorable Florence Eshalomi, and Mr. Andrew Crook and the National Federation of Fish Friers, for arranging this reception.

Thank you for your kind and welcoming words.

It is a great honour to be here and be invited into to the heart of British democracy.

Our two countries share a long history of mutual understanding, partnership and respect.

Both in times of crisis and prosperity.

The ties between our two countries run long and deep.

And they continue to do so.

The seafood industry is no exception.


I admire the Fish and Chips-industry in the UK.

Fish and chips have a strong standing.

It is known worldwide, and for many Brits it is the preferred choice for lunch or dinner.

According to estimates, one hundred and seventy million fish and chips-meals are consumed in the UK each year.

That is incredible!


The world’s population recently reached eight billion people.

And the ocean is our most feasible way of meeting the world’sgrowing demand for sustainable food production.

It is our common responsibility to promote sustainable seafood and healthy proteins from the oceans.


Winston Churchill referred to fish and chips as «the good companions».

This can also describe the relationship between Norwegian fishermen – and women - and UK fish and chips-shops.

I am proud to learn that about one in four fish and chips-meals that are consumed in the UK, are made with Norwegian cod and haddock.  

And I am very happy that Norway, year after year, has been chosen as a supplier of sustainable seafood to the great products delivered by the British fish and chips-industry.


Earlier today I got to experience the thrill and intensity of working as a fish frier, when I visited the Laughing Halibut here in London.

The skill and dedication of the fish friers was very impressive.

And the quality and taste of the fish and chips was outstanding.

I have to say, the intensity of the lunch rush, makes me glad to have the more relaxing job of being a minister.


Dear friends,

In a world where many are feeling a strong sense of uncertainty and unrest due to conflict, war, increasing prices and living costs, a dish like fish and chips, with its long-lasting traditions, can offer both calm and comfort, in addition to healthy nutrition.

Fish and chips are bringing people together.

For lunch. At the dinner tables. In the pubs.

This would not be possible without the skills and dedication of fish friers all around this country, that are making great fish into an outstanding dish.

They deserve to be recognized and celebrated, and I look forward to joining the celebration tomorrow, at the Fish and Chip Awards.

Thank you so much for your attention.