National Fish and Chip Awards 2024

                                                                                         *Sjekkes mot fremføring

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends of fish and chips,

I would like to congratulate The National Federation of Fish Friers, and their partners, on a fantastic event!

It is a great pleasure to be invited to this year’s National Fish and Chip Awards – an award which, over many years, has helped lift Britain’s favourite dish to new heights.


Today we celebrate one of the most iconic dishes in the United Kingdom – fish and chips – and honour all the brilliant people involved in the industry.

Because none of this would have been possible without all of the hard-working people across the sector: From fishers to truck drivers, from exporters to importers, and from fish friers to waiters – just to mention a few.

It is the commitment and cooperation between all parties involved across the entire value chain that makes this a great success.   


The cross-border cooperation must also be mentioned.

Norway is a proud supplier of sustainable seafood to Great Britain.

I am very happy that Norwegian cod and haddock are used in this industry.

Your love of fish and chip provides a living to many communities along the coast in Norway.

I applaud each and every one of you who work so hard to honour this iconic dish. And I hope to bring home some of the spirit of innovation and dedication that is so clearly present here today.


I am pleased that the winners of each category will be invited to a join a study trip to Norway later this year, to experience sustainable cod and haddock fishing on board the vessel Østerfjord.

Østerfjord has also delivered the delicious Norwegian frozen-at-sea cod that is served here today.


Once again, my warmest thanks to all of you for including us Norwegians in the celebration of your National Fish and Chip Awards. May the best men and women in each category win!

Thank you for your attention!