Statement from Norway’s ambassador to Sudan, dr. Endre Stiansen

Dette innholdet er mer enn 1 år gammelt.

'Sudan is now experiencing an extremely serious crisis, but it can get a lot worse. The country's future is at stake.'

'The situation is dramatic and unpredictable. Fierce fighting and airstrikes in densely residential areas have led to massive destruction, particularly in the Khartoum area. The civilian population is dealing with an uncertain and dangerous situation. Family members have been separated from one another. Many families are running out of food and water. Hospitals lack medicines and equipment, and health care personnel are unable to get to the hospitals or reach those who have been injured. It is impossible to distribute humanitarian assistance. In many areas there has been no electricity for days', said Stiansen.

'For more than 20 years, Norway has worked in close cooperation with the US and the UK (the other Troika countries) to support peaceful and democratic development in Sudan. We also cooperate with regional parties', said Stiansen.

'The fighting and violence has to stop immediately. We are in contact with the government forces and the RSF. We strongly urge the parties to act responsibly and stop the violence. It is necessary to get humanitarian access, to enable family members to be reunited, and people to get necessities and to enhance the security of diplomatic personnel and representatives of other international organisations in Khartoum.'

'This crisis must be addressed urgently. I am deeply concerned that the situation in Sudan could lead to greater instability throughout the region. It could lead to an unprecedented catastrophe if neighbouring countries actively take sides in the conflict. It is therefore crucial that neighbouring countries, regional actors and regional organisations such as the African Union and IGAD address the crisis. It would be a catastrophe if neighbouring countries actively took sides in the conflict', said Stiansen.

'Although the situation is horrible and seems hopeless, it is important to remember that right up until Saturday – interrupted by the coup in October 2021 - from military to civilian rule. Significant progress has been made since the 2019 revolution. The political process must resume as soon as possible. All legitimate actors must commit to this. The challenges Sudan is facing cannot be solved with violence and military force', said Stiansen.