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Statsministerens tale på Ukrainas uavhengighetsmarkering

– Det er en sterk opplevelse å være her i Kyiv i dag og markere uavhengighetsdagen, samtidig som landet er i krig og hver dag forsvarer seg mot Russlands ulovlige angrep, sier statsminister Jonas Gahr Støre i forbindelse med talen han holdt i Kyiv.

Statsminister Jonas Gahr Støre står ved en talerstol i Kyiv i Ukraina.
Statsminister Jonas Gahr Støre. Foto: Heiko Junge / NTB

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President Zelensky,
People of Ukraine,
Dear friends

Thank you for receiving me here in Kyiv today, and for inviting me to celebrate your Independence Day with you.

Independence Day is a special day in any country – but in 2023, it is nowhere more special than here.

Over the last year and a half, and ten years before that, you have fought courageously for your country.

You have fought for universal values, for the very basic principles of international law and human rights.

You have fought for freedom. For democracy, and the right to decide one’s own future.

You have fought for your country’s very existence.

Your soldiers and the Ukrainian people have fought heroically.


And in that fight, you have faced a brutality our continent has not witnessed since the 1940s:

Unspeakable crimes. Atrocities. Senseless destruction, and deliberate targeting of civilians.

Mr. President, we cry with you for the lives lost, for futures ruined in Kyiv, Bucha, Mariupol – and in countless other places.

We condemn in the strongest terms the crimes perpetrated by the Russian Federation.

And we commit to holding those responsible to account.


On your Independence Day, we celebrate a nation that has contributed immensely to European history – to science, art, literature, music and sport.

A nation that rightly deserves a bright and peaceful European Future.

We celebrate a nation that over the last 18 months has inspired and impressed the world.

With its determination.

Its unity.

Its bravery, perseverance, creativity and skill.

We look forward to the day when you can devote these strengths in full to rebuilding the country, a country able to prosper through a just and sustainable peace.

And let me assure you: Norway will stand by you – until that day, and beyond.

We will support your legitimate fight.

We will aid communities affected by destruction.

We will advance your European aspirations.


I mourn all those who payed the highest prize. I stand with all those who miss their loved ones.

I salute the children and youth of Ukraine. The proud future of the nation.

On behalf of the Government and the people of Norway, let me congratulate you on your Independence Day.

I pay tribute to your unique leadership.

Mr. President, I wish you a meaningful and memorable celebration, and look forward to the day when we can meet in happier circumstances:

In a safe, free and peaceful Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini!