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UN Security Council Summit on Foreign Terrorist Fighters

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New York, 24 September 2014

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Thank you, Mr President/Secretary Kerry/Ambassador Power.

The unprecedented brutality of ISIL and its territorial ambitions pose a threat to all around this table.

We must work together to eradicate the roots that allow such extremist groups to exist.

It is crucial to mobilise local communities, civil society and governments in the fight against terrorism. I see three main tasks ahead:

1. Terrorism must be fought in Iraq, in the wider region,

2. We need even closer international cooperation in the fight against terror, and

3. Radicalisation must be fought at home in our own countries.

I thank President Obama for his leadership and initiative.

The dramatic events unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa show the dangers of not giving people a stake in the governing of their country. When conflicts are left unchecked, civil wars may spill across borders.

The influx of foreign fighters is worsening an already fragile situation in the countries concerned.

We strongly condemn the criminal terrorist acts committed by citizens of European and other countries.

We will take strong measures to prevent them from travelling to conflict zones.

The Norwegian Government has drawn up a strategy for de-radicalisation, re-habilitation and re-integration for foreign fighters returning home.

We have an all-government approach - a national action plan - involving all levels of society.

Terrorism and related acts are already criminalised under Norwegian law. In July, we submitted a bill on measures to stem the flow of foreign fighters to areas in conflict.

We must also stop the financial flows to these groups. Relevant legislation needs to be in place. Information must be shared effectively.

We must also address the underlying problems that breed extremism and terrorism.

Let us work patiently to increase understanding and tolerance between groups. We must all take a firm stand against hate speech.

I was encouraged to see large crowds of all backgrounds on the streets of Oslo recently. They were following the call to march against extremism. As one of the young Muslim organisers said: ‘ISIL is not my Islam’.

Norway takes part in international cooperation and capacity-building efforts to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism. We support the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the Global Counterterrorism Forum.

Grave violations of human rights can foster terrorism. Measures against terrorism and the protection and promotion of human rights and rule of law are mutually reinforcing.

Norway has co-sponsored the resolution adopted here today. The wide representation is a manifestation of the unity and urgency expressed here.

No political solution can be found unless governments step up to their responsibilities – whether they are parties to conflicts or neighbours.

Today, we are sending a clear signal from this room that we will all do our part.

Thank you, Mr President.