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White House Global COVID-19 Summit

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This summit calls upon all of us to do everything we can - together.

The world has developed effective vaccines in record time. But they are not available to everyone. Neither are tests or treatments.

This is unacceptable.

We need to act now.

Together, we must ensure global access. 

Together, we must strengthen the WHO.

Together, we must fully finance ACT-A. Norway has contributed its fair share. Others should do the same.

We must establish sustainable financing mechanisms to ensure global health security. At national and global levels.

I commend President Biden taking this initiative. You can count on Norway’s support. Now we must ensure inclusive and effective implementation.

We should do this collectively. Secretary General Guterres has set out good multilateral solutions in the report “Our Common Agenda”.

At this summit, we commit to combat this pandemic. And to prepare for the next one.

In other words, let’s finish the work we have started, and do what is needed to be better prepared for the future.