A simpler everyday life and increased productivity

The purpose of this white paper is to present the Government's policy on how Norway can exploit ICT in the best interests of society.

The ICT policy must be based on the major, real challenges the public and private sectors are facing with respect to productivity, restructuring and rationalisation.

In light of this, the Government's ICT policy has two main objectives:

  • A user-centric and efficient public administration
  • Value creation and inclusion

Digitisation is a cross-sectoral issue

The Government holds high ambitions for modernising, simplifying and improving the public sector, while private citizens and business and industry are expecting solutions that will simplify everyday life. By using ICT and taking full advantage of the opportunities that digitisation offers, we can achieve both these goals.

Digitisation implies challenges which individual sectors cannot resolve alone. The Government therefore sees the need to raise cross-sectoral digitisation issues for which a national, coordinated approach will bring added value to society.

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