Prime Minister Støre´s statement at World Climate Action Summit

Mr President, We are in Dubai to carve out a clear way forward for 1.5 and climate resilience. Energy transition is the linchpin of a roadmap for ambition and action. We must join forces behind a collective commitment to phase out use of unabated fossil fuels.

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Prime Minister Støre´s statement at World Climate Action Summit
Prime Minister Støre´s statement at World Climate Action Summit. Foto: COP28 / Christopher Pike.

Phasing out means also rapidly phasing in renewables. Norway supports the call for global tripling of renewables and doubling of energy efficiency by 2030. At a speed and scale to achieve global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. The transition must include all and leave no one behind.

Norway has joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance and the Clean Energy Transition Partnership.

Decarbonisation requires a scale-up of technologies and solutions – as well as the creation of new technologies and solutions. And they need to be innovative new.

In Norway, innovative maritime industry and forward-leaning policies have resulted in 200 low- and zero-emission ships in our waters. The transition is happening. This is the beginning. We will expand zero-emission shipping nationally as well as globally.

Carbon capture and storage is a necessary tool for decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors. Norway is moving ahead on technology development and piloting full-scale solutions for CCS – demonstrating that CO2 storage can be carried out safely and permanently.

We must protect nature. Today, we are witnessing outstanding political leadership in forest protection, from Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, and others. COP28 must give tropical forest nations assurances that the world will support their work. Norway remains a predictable partner.   

Mr President,

Last year Norway met its target of doubling its climate finance, providing a total of 15.5 billion Norwegian kroner. We are committed to at least triple our adaptation finance by 2026.

Devastating effects of climate change are already evident. Norway will also increase its support for funding arrangements for loss and damage. I am pleased to announce a contribution of 25 million US Dollars to the new fund in 2024

Mr President,

We are now at the midway point between Paris and 2030.  Let us together ensure that COP28 concludes with a roadmap to 1.5 and climate resilience.

There is no time to lose.