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PM Solbergs statement at Coronavirus Global Response Summit

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Thank you, Ursula. Good afternoon, everyone.

This conference is an expression of one key fact:

That a global health crisis can only be pushed back through solidarity, and true partnership between governments, strong multilateral institutions, civil society and the private sector.

As long as the virus is active somewhere, we are at risk everywhere.: to protect ourselves, we must protect each other.  

Today marks a turning-point in how we combat the pandemic.

This is the beginning of a global movement barely seen before.

Through the partnerships launched today, we will intensify the search for a vaccine. We will strengthen the search for effective treatment and increase our diagnostic capacities.

And we will make sure that the achievements are fairly distributed and universally available.

These partnerships must also be with us when we recover. We should be guided by the Sustainable Development Goals, including the commitment to leave no-one behind.

Norway supports the leadership of WHO. Without WHO, an effective and coordinated response to the pandemic will not be possible. Multilateral cooperation is more important than ever. We pledge an additional 50 million kroner to the WHO.

Further, we commit to support global Covid-19 efforts directed to the poorest and most vulnerable. We will develop and detail our response in the coming weeks and months

Norway funds the development of a vaccine through CEPI and will increase our support with 220 million US Dollars – and we do so together with other committed states and actors.

But as we all know, developing the tools only gets us half way.

In order to save lives, vaccines, treatment and diagnostic tools must be made available to all

GAVI plays a vital role in making vaccines, including a COVID-19 vaccine when ready, available to poor countries and vulnerable groups.

Norway pledges 1 billion US Dollars to Gavi for the next strategic period, including 400 mill USD to the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm).

As co-leader of today’s event, I will work to mobilise resources and political commitment. For fair access and distribution of vaccines. Together we will reach our goals of a safer and more sustainable future for all.

Thank you.