Gratulasjonsbrev til presidenten i Brasil

Statsminister Jonas Gahr Støres gratulasjonsbrev til Brasils president Lula da Silva.

Dear Mr Lula da Silva

On behalf of the Norwegian Government, I would like to convey my warmest congratulations to you on your victory in Brazil’s recent presidential elections.

Norway and Brazil enjoy a long history of good bilateral relations. We share many common values and a mutual commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

As you prepare for office, please know that the Norwegian Government remains fully committed to reestablishing its partnership to assist you in reducing deforestation and loss of biodiversity in the Amazon, as well as in promoting sustainable livelihoods. I would like to suggest our teams come together in the near future to discuss ways to strengthen our joint efforts in this field, including through the reopening of the Amazon Fund. I also suggest that we discuss how to work together effectively to promote regional and global collaboration to protect rainforest across the world.

Norway has much to offer Brazil in the effort to achieve the green transition, and Brazil plays an integral part in the strategies of Norwegian companies working towards global transition to a low-carbon economy. Norwegian companies are now investing widely in the development of innovative technologies and sustainable operations to reduce emissions and achieve decarbonisation.

Norway and Brazil both depend on sustainable ocean industries for value creation, for the health of their people and to safeguard the future of their coastal communities. Norway gives high priority to bilateral collaboration on the ocean agenda, particularly in relation to sustainable coastal and ocean management. It would be beneficial to explore how we can work together more closely on important ocean issues that are of common interest to both our countries.

I look forward to meeting you when the opportunity arises and to discussing other ways in which we can further strengthen the ties between our two countries in the time ahead.

Yours sincerely

Jonas Gahr Støre