EU-erklæring om Mali

10. februar sluttet Norge seg til en EU-erklæring fra 2. februar om situasjonen i Mali og de maliske overgangsmyndighetenes oppfordring til den franske ambassadøren til Mali om å forlate landet.

The European Union has been informed that the Malian transition authorities have requested that the French Ambassador to Mali, Mr Joël Meyer, leave the country within 72 hours.

The European Union, which is fully committed to peace and stability in the Sahel, at the request of the States and in support of the people of the region, expresses its support and solidarity with France and deeply regrets the decision by the Malian transition authorities. The European Union calls on the Malian authorities to exercise restraint rather than repeat unacceptable behaviour towards its European partners, such as Denmark, whose contingent has just been sent home for unfounded reasons.

This isolation is detrimental to the common objective of fighting terrorism and to the humanitarian situation and, ultimately, to sustainable development and stability. The European Union calls upon the Malian transition authorities to take specific action and resume dialogue to move towards de-escalation.

The European Union also reiterates its solidarity with the positions taken by ECOWAS and notes that restrictive measures against those obstructing the completion of the political transition in Mali are being finalised.

We will inform the Malian authorities that we object to this decision.