EU-erklæring om Hongkong

17. mai sluttet Norge seg til en EU-erklæring om valget av regjeringssjef i Hongkong som fant sted 8. mai.

Hong Kong’s Election Committee has selected John Lee Ka-chiu, the sole candidate to the post of Chief Executive on 8 May 2022. This was the first selection process since the imposition of the National Security Law and the implementation of sweeping changes in Hong Kong’s electoral system.

Preceding his selection, Lee was vetted by the Candidate Eligibility Review Committee, and nominated by 786 of the 1461 members of the revamped Election Committee. The number of voters to the Election Committee was substantially reduced by the electoral overhaul, weakening the already limited democratic elements in the governance of Hong Kong, running counter to the commitments to greater representation enshrined in the Basic Law.

The European Union regrets this violation of democratic principles and political pluralism and sees this selection process as yet another step in the dismantling of the ‘one country, two systems’ principle.

The European Union attaches great importance to the preservation of Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy as well as respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, including media freedom, democratic principles and the rule of law, in line with the Basic Law and with international commitments.

The EU calls on Chinese and Hong Kong authorities to abide by their national and international commitments, notably the ultimate aim of electing the Chief Executive and members of the Legislative Council by universal suffrage.